kansas city has been pushed back a week, which is good because that means another week at home, but bad because if we're home, we're not working. its only a week, so it shouldnt set us back too far.

we've gotten so much done while we've been home....cleaned out the garage by donating the couch & some books, we sold some items on craigslist, i sold the rest of the star wars i bought in denver, bought more here and sold those, paying for our lounge chair on the patio we completed. we sold our coffee table we've had since getting married and got a cheap one until we find the perfect one.

LA has been taking cooking classes with Merrily and made THE BEST breakfast casserole today, and there's a sour cream coffee cake cooling downstairs now. she painted the living room 2 tones of green, even fixing the wall with expired paint that came off on your fingers 1 year later. she wrote a song for her dad's upcoming wedding, helped our neighbor with some teaching material, and kept the house clean.

i didnt get around to as much book listing and negative scanning as i had hoped, but got a bunch of legos built and a few customs made, as well as my reading. maybe with this extra week we're getting, i can do a few rolls of film or a box or 2 of books.

its been a very busy and productive month, so we might use this last week to just catch our breath before diving into the Kansas City work, especially since we might be there for 3 months this outing to take the pressure off the end of the year.

maddie's been shedding like crazy getting rid of her winter coat, so today i took her to Wag N Wash, a local pet store with self-serve dog baths. she got the Ultimate today with oatmeal shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, leave-in conditioner, and doggy cologne. she was such a good dog she also got a new squeaky toy, which she's been squeaking non-stop for the past hour and a half. she's finally getting a little sleepy from her big afternoon, but still squeak squeak squeak.

on sunday, we might do Sunday on the Town benefiting the 'Springs Philharmonic. with admission, we'll get discounts & drawings at select stores (sadly not the comic shop), food samples at 21 restaurants, and free admission to the FAC Modern. its nice to have such fun stuff to do just a few minutes away! we spent yesterday afternoon downtown and had a really great time. i picked up the variant black & white edition of Logan (you know, Wolverine) #3 and now have to track down the 1st two variants before the TPB comes out in October.

i also saw a great book I Am Plastic, covering the recent rise of designer vinyl. i actually have a few of the pieces in the book, namely the Mars-1 Invisible Plan. i think Combat R-Zero is too new (or too small) to be in it, but i'm thinking of getting a used copy from amazon.

i did a quick google search and found 2 people from my past, one of The Boys, Joe (scroll about half way) down in tampa (he's emailed me back) who's in the mortgage business, married, and expecting a kid in July. and there's Breck from OAR on the Ocoee River. he's on myspace and i'm not entirely sure i want to create a myspace page just to contact him, though we did train together. i can never find much on the other 8 Men Out i was friends with, like Brack and Brooke, though i do know Simon was killed in New Zealand, doing what he loved, kayaking.
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