Dear Congressman Lamborn

Dear Congressman Lamborn,

I am writing to thank you on your choice to vote "No" on the proposed bailout measure. Even though my IRAs took a 6.5% hit, I think voting down this measure secures America's future in the long run, and may punish those responsible for the current mortgage crisis.

What is the status of, and how are you voting for HR 3781--Biodiesel Promotion...Act? The reason I ask is that my wife and I drive a combined total of around 1200 miles a week in our job. We purchased a 2006 Volkswagen Golf Turbo Diesel for its superior gas mileage (up to 45mpg) and long lasting diesel engine. Sometimes it is hard to find biodiesel in the different cities we travel to. Some biodiesel is used cooking grease and we currently fill up in Colorado Springs with grape-seed from Acorn Petroleum.

In promotion of biodiesel, I think the federal gas tax should be lowered in proportion to the amount of bio products in biodiesel. If the fuel is B20 (20% bio) I think the federal fuel tax should be lowered by 20%. Take the energy credits away from big oil companies and let the actual consumer of renewable energy reap the benefits.

A lower price for biodiesel combined with far great miles per gallon would encourage average American consumers to buy diesel powered automobiles, a staple of European traffic.

A lower price for biodiesel would increase demand, especially in the trucking industry, where 6mpg is the norm. US trucks burn up to 20 billion gallons of diesel per year. If all those gallons were B20, we would save 4 billion gallons (20%) of diesel fuel, furthering our energy independence/homeland security.

A fascinating article about a hoped for diesel revolution can be found at Fast Company.

My wife and I are both moderate, registered Independents and are open to any party if they represent us well.

I eagerly wait to hear from you. Feel free to call or write, however we will be out of town mid-October through Thanksgiving and will mail our ballots in. Thank you for your time.


Jason E Martin

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