After eating Taco Bell soft tacos for so long, one begins to forget how good tacos are supposed to be. Last night I made soft tacos (with Taco Bell seasoning), but MAN they were great! We had a full spread of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, Tapatio hot sauce, Horizon Organic sour cream, and drinks, of course! LA still likes her vodka/mineral water; Perrier makes a naturally flavored lemon sparkling water. I have recently started on Cuba Libres, a strong rum & cola, made with lime juice, and white rum.

After dinner we adjourned to the patio on a cool autumn night and smoked a nice sweet cigar, an Acid Blondie from Nicaragua. We smoked and talked, played with the dogs, & watched the cat chase bugs until it was too chilly.

Then it was dessert: halved peaches sauteed in cognac, topped with sour cream. Wow. What a dessert! And what another meal to celebrate being home!
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