A Letter to Plato's Closet

I am writing to let you know about my horrible experience in Plato's Closet, Colorado Springs on North Academy. I made a special trip to bring in desired clothing and was very put off after receiving less than acceptable service.

I have been a frequent customer of this Plato's Closet, and have never really enjoyed my experience but tolerated it to clean out my closets and get a little cash. This particular visit however, left me with an arm full of clothes, frustration, and time wasted. Today, September 17th at 1005am, I came in with a small amount of items, including men's fall and winter,women's sweaters, and a formal prom dress worn only once. Upon arrival at 10:05 a.m. I was greeted with the regular, "have you sold here before?". I was asked if a 25 minute wait was acceptable, and it was since I did not have an appointment until 11am. Forty minutes later (both girls were working on one very large drop off) I let the sales girls know that it had been past 25 minutes and could wait no longer. She replied she was sorry, but they just get busy. I said I understood, but that I had been quoted a 25 minute wait time. She was not concerned that the time was misquoted and that I would be leaving without giving Plato's Closet my business.

I left with my very nice clothes and no compensation for my loyalty as a preferred customer. I also had my mail out for an extra $10 in cash for bringing in more clothing. To say the least, I left without that as well.

After this experience I will never return to Plato's closet. The cash for coffee or a dinner out, simply is not worth it for the frustration that inevitably ensues. I will simply donate my clothing and take the write-off and peace of mind that I don't have to deal with being mistreated and stressed out.

Customer service goes a long way, not to mention common sense. There should be a cap on the amount of clothing someone can bring in at once. The sales associates were digging through several suitcases' worth of clothing. With that large amount of clothing, there should be an understood longer wait for them than for someone who brings a smaller amount. I think this is reasonable. Judging by the looks of it, I do not believe I was the only dissatisfied customer in the store today or before.

I hope this is helpful for keeping other customers in the future.... and I am assuring you I am no longer a customer of this establishment. Some corporate retraining, auditing, or a secret shop of this franchisee may be in order to make sure this location is up to standard.

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