To Our Landlord: Ana Zook

Aug 3, 2011

TO: Ana Zook

RE: 27 Boulder Crescent St Colorado Springs CO 80903

I have checked all of the sprinklers and increased the watering time for the front portion in front of the house as well as the back yard. However, Zone 6 does not seem to be doing anything at all, despite running for 20 minutes. Where is Zone 6 in the yard?

It is obvious you take pride in the exterior of the homes you rent. Therefore, I thought I’d bring some external property concerns and liabilities to your attention. I have enclosed photos of the concerns which have existed since we took possession of the property.

Photo A The back screen door is clearly beginning to rot on the bottom. This damage can be seen from the front and back of the door. Not pictured is the fact that the screen is held on the inside by duct tape

Photo B There is a shingle on the rear of the house that is coming up

Photo C There is grass growing out of the gutter in the rear of the house. I suspect that the entire gutter is full of leaves and debris, since when it rains, water drips down from the gutter and in the winter, icicles form from the gutters, melt, then ices up on the back porch

Photo D Some flashing is coming up on the rear of the house

Photo E1, E2 The bottom bathroom window is cracked

Photo F1, F2 The living room side window is cracked

Not pictured: The window in the front top bedroom on the side of the house is cracked

Also, addressing the fact that you said you would evict us if our rent is not paid by the end of the day on the 1st, I have researched the following regarding Colorado Rental Law:

When a Colorado Tenant Has Not Paid Rent Before filing a suit in Colorado to evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent, the landlord must post a written, signed demand giving the tenant the choice of either paying the past due rent or moving out within three days. In computing the period of days the first day is excluded. Therefore, the three day time period begins the day following the posting. The notice must be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises. After the notice has been posted and if the tenant has not paid the rent or moved out within three days, the landlord need not accept the rent and may file an eviction suit at your local Justice Center. The time begins running whether or not the tenant discovers it posted. Also the time continues to run regardless if it is a Saturday, a Sunday, or a holiday. The tenant's legal right to this three day notice prior to eviction for nonpayment of rent cannot be taken away by the language in a lease.

Do not threaten me.

(Photos to post soon)


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