Flash Player Crashing All Mac Browsers -- SOLVED!

About 2 months ago, I started having some issues with my Mac. Some websites would cause Safari to hang indefinitely, the little rainbow wheel spinning out of control, and I would have to either Quit or Force Quit Safari. So I installed Chrome. Same issue.

The main website I actually use and which caused the issue was Photobucket. The main page worked, the albums page worked, but if I clicked a photo, that page would cause the crash, so it became my benchmark.

A Google Search was no help at all.

I called Apple Care. They are awesome! I was 3 days outside of my 90, but they helped me out. We installed Firefox...same results. We did all the cookie-cutter stuff, Empty Cache, Reset Safari, Uninstall Flash, Reinstall Flash. Your results may vary, and I probably wouldn't recommend this unless its a last ditch effort. Fixing it took a little tech-savvy:

Completely uninstalled Flash Player, using Adobes Uninstaller.

Enabled the Root User: Enabling and using the "root" user in Mac OS X

From there, we went into Library > Preferences and deleted the com.apple.safari.plist and moved the Internet Plug-Ins file to the desktop. Restart, log in as regular user, install Flash and FIXED. Of course, dummy here updated Flash, which caused the same issue again.

So I was on the phone all morning with Apple Care (those guys are really great). They sent me the link to enable root user, and I thought I knew what plist I was looking for to no avail, called back and had them go over the transcript from that first call a month ago to figure out which plist I deleted. So helpful! I tried to download an archive Flash, but the issue still cropped up, so I'm running latest Flash. Fingers crossed.

So now I'm up and running again, thankfully without having to reinstall the OS.
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