(Part of) My Designer Vinyl Collection

Updated with my new shelves. Hackberry wood (live edge) from Urban Lumber Company with IKEA Ekby Lerberg brackets painted in Rust-Oleum Satin Lagoon

Top Row (L to R): Transformers MP-13 Soundwave (Takara version), Lego 6951 Robot Command Center, Gentle Giant 12" GONK Droid, 400% Kubrick Alien Warrior, Gentle Giant 12" Vintage Boba Fett

2nd Row: Frankoma Pottery, Kozik Choice Cuts Labbit, Jeremyfish Skull Bunny, Tristan Eaton Floral Pleasure Bot, 100% Kubrick Stormtooper, Mighty Muggs Stormtrooper, Kathie Olivas Silver Winston (Tenacious Toys Exclusive), MADL Ninja Dunny

3rd Row: WWRp Dirty Deeds Bertie, Onell Design Custom Corps 2.7 Armodoc #13, Mezco Rocket Pack Hellboy, Mars-1 Observer with Invisible Plan. Moon print by Hammerpress

Bottom Row: FERG Green Mini Misfortune Cat 2.5%, custom Triceratons/BoneBreaker, Melissa Goodwin custom Mighty Mugg Han Solo in Carbonite, Healymade Wilde En Resin, Blue Mini Deathra, custom Drill Man Seismic Ace, Damage Brain Black Mummy Neon Yellow ver. Secret Base Fan Club Exclusive, White Day Visighost, Silver DrilOne Art of War Dunny, Gentle Giant Commander Cody Mini Bust, GID Pegura, Adam Bomb Minikins, Ledbetter Lava Demon Dunny, Mini Mecha Labbit, Custom Corps 2 Firecracker Crayboth, Gargamel x Charactics Deathra Tank, Vintage Collection Princess Leia (Slave), custom MADL, Lego 4489 AT-AT, DrilOne Gas Mask Dunny (custom series 1)

Far right is my Olive Wilde customized Love Unites print
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