Brian Cranston Returns on the Nerdist

Partial transcript:

I rode my motorcycle from Santa Monica all the way to Chicago on route 66. It was a blast finding and following route 66. Sometimes it sometimes it doesn't exist…That’s what’s so fun, you know riding a motorcycle it’s kind of like walking fast. you have the benefit of the breeze and the openness of it, you’re not enclosed, and even if you’re with buddies, there’s still a solitary component to it and its great to allow your mind to wander…i think of nothing at all  or i just fantasize about anything. It’s really cool. But there’s a portion of your awareness that has to be still acute there’s traffic signals and things like that that, but its really cool and it’s, now it’s cool because it’s anonymous. You can be any old guy with a helmet on, on the street...

How do you think you can break free from the excuse train and actually take a little more control your life? 
I just think it comes down a point of looking at what it is you really want... that's the question of every adult...the commonality between all adults is that everyone is looking for whatever it is that empowers them. what ever that may be. A lot of people find it in their work,in their mate, in their church, in volunteerism, in their stamp   Whatever they feel brings them some sense of empowerment and I get that. I think it's the people don't seek that empowerment those are the ones who are in trouble. It doesn't matter what it is it's not judgement on that ...

You can either take a proactive or a reactive point of view….forging ahead, and saying you know what I don’t want that, i want to go camping I just want to walk among nature and look at trees and you know feel it, be there, and often, those kinds of adventures often lead to experiences, so if you put yourself in a position to increase your odds of having an experience, that’s where you want to be. That’s where you want to be. you want to try something new you want to be courageous and do something you have not done before….take a chance, try it...
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