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this is the last road trip...for 2007. left home yesterday and drove to Topeka, KS. kids, lock your car doors and hide your valuables in topeka. the Topeka Ramada even hands out little cards with your keys with such fun tips as "never leave your vehicle unattended while the ignition is on" and "use self-locking screws for attaching license plates." and they tell you that 22% of all property crime is breaking into cars. yikes!

but they do have a great coffee shop downtown, where LA got one of the best Soy Chai Lattes with a Shot of Espresso.

then drive drive drive to Paducah, KY. avis was kind enough to give us a Dodge Nitro for this trip. its got great get-up-and-go, plus satellite radio. but to top it all off, it has a normal AC plug, so we plugged in the laptop, hooked up the AUX audio, and watched movies in surround sound.

today, i watched the Collector's Edition of The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly and boy is it worth the upgrade! there are several deleted scenes added into the movie (with dubbing by Eli Wallach & Eastwood), the picture looks sharper, and they remastered the soundtrack. LA had a hard time keeping her eyes on the road, trying not to watch the movie! i think its one of the best westerns around with a complex story, commentary on the futility of war, and an amazing score. this has got to be one of my favorite songs:

so we wound up in tonight at the brand new Residence Inn in Paducah, KY. very nice decor and spacious rooms. we're tempted to buy a cheap lamp at wal-mart and swap it for the nice one in the hallway (the one that doesn't have a bulb and isn't plugged in). the front desk guy was a bore--didn't even give the spiel about what time breakfast was.

we went downtown to 2nd & Broadway for dinner. we went into C C Cohen. no one was at the host desk. i asked the barman if we could seat ourselves.

the barman said the "kitchen is closed."
i asked "what time?"
my watch read 835. needless to say, we stormed out and highly recommend everyone stay away from C C Cohen.

instead, go to Tribeca Mexican Cuisine and order a grand margarita. that thing was potent! stronger than The Loop's back home. between drinks and a small dinner, LA and i couldn't even finish 2 margaritas! the staff was friendly despite us being the last ones in the door during the slow season. we ate and drank our fill, and returned 'home' to the Residence Inn by the Interstate. if you listen closely, you can hear the trucks zooming by...
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