Toy Run

Started off the morning in Clearwater and had to survey in both Bartow and Lake Placid today. Hours of driving...made me thankful for the Sirius satellite radio. None of the Wal-Marts had anything interesting except the Lego Spongebob Build-A-Bob for $17. The Toys R Us in Lake Wales had a good find on the Simpsons Ironic Punishment box set on clearance (only $15!).

Then after work, LauraAnne and I headed north a few miles up Highway 19 to, among other stores, Super Target. Though they didnt have any new basic figures, they had all their exclusives out, including the ARC-170 Fighter w/Clone Wars deco, ARC-170 Elite Squad, TIE Bomber, and the AT-RT Assault Squad. I had to pass on most of it, since I have to get all this stuff back to Colorado somehow. I did pick up the AT-RT squad; I havent opened it yet, but plan on doing so when I get back home.

Yeah, its all repaints. I already have the Clone Commander and an orange AT-RT driver from the Order 66 pack. And its a little pricey at $30, but I don't have an AT-RT or much in the Kashyyk deco. The AT-RTs are motorized and the drivers are super-articulated.
I dont like the action feature on the Clone Commander and may look at my current Commander Gree or one of the drivers to customize with and make a more articulated Clone Commander. I think he needs a new designation, too, like what kind of Commander, since he's unlike normal Commanders. Everyone (incorrectly) calls him Bacara, but that's the best we can do.
Tomorrow we get more work in the Tampa area, plus some scattered BPs around the big toy run. Anyone need anything (and want to pay for shipping?)?
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