iPhone Tips and Tricks

Taken from csmonitor.com These are my favorite/useful tips & tricks for the iPhone:

9. Scroll to the top, and fast

For music enthusiasts who have an extensive iTunes library, scrolling to the top of your Songs list may be a tedious process. (The problems we have to worry about these days.) But quite honestly, for iPhone users who have more than 10,000 songs stored, getting from ZZ Top to ABBA can require too many thumb thrusts. There’s an easier way to rocket up a long list: Tap the clock at the top of the screen. It'll automatically send you to the beginning. One click is all it takes. The trick works for contacts, e-mail, and websites as well.

18. Take a screenshot

Want to show your friends a ridiculous text message conversation you had last night or easily save an image to your photo library? The screenshot option on the iPhone allows you to take a picture anywhere and anytime of anything on your 3.5-inch screen.
When you find something you want to immortalize, simply press the home button and the on/off switch at the same time. Your screen will flash and the resulting image will land in your camera roll.

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