Do I have to add a title?

Today, Laura Anne and I, among other things, finished Season 1 of The Office, a Christmas gift from my brother-in-law, JR. There's only a handful of episodes of the first season; I guess NBC was just trying something out (and I'm glad it caught on). The wonderful thing about the DVD set (and it continues with the 2nd season, which my lovely wife got for me) is the deleted scenes. They really took some care and effort in putting them together, and there's such an abundance, that it feels like a mini-episode of the show. I think Diversity Day has to be my favorite in the season, with The Alliance in second.

I recently picked up the Lego TIE Crawler 7664 from Target with hopes of trading it for the Dwarves Mine 7036. Also, I have a TAC Jango Fett w/Poncho MOC I want to trade for a TAC Hawkbat Battalion Clone Trooper if anyone's interested in a trade...

I'm still working on my Negative Project, which isn't as bad as it sounds...I'm taking all my old rolls of 35mm film (like 40-some) and scanning them with my neighbor's scanner. It takes about 10 minutes per strip, so about 1.5 hours per roll. I'm on roll 17 now. Yikes...a long way to go, and I would pay someone to do it, but its $10 a roll at Accent, which is a little pricey for how many rolls I have. Maybe they'll give me a discount.

While I'm scanning though, I'm not completely wasting time; I am re-playing through LOTR: The Third Age on XBOX. To my knowledge its the only RPG for the Lord of the Rings and though its not great, it still has nice replay value. For instance, I'm able to get Evil Mode weapons for my low-level characters including a smashing War Hammer and Isildur's Sword. I'm also playing this round more strategically. I mainly play with Berethor, Idrial, and Elegost. Since I only just defeated the Balrog, I have yet to encounter Eoaden and Morwen.

Last week, our pastor from Rivendell was in town and we ate some good NY pizza at Boriello Brothers downtown, the came back to the house to hang out a while. It was good to see him and his wife (they left the kids with friends). Too bad it was too cold for them to do much except rename our state 'Coldorado.'

Church, as always, was very...well, I was going to say 'good' or 'nice' or 'spiritual' but those sound to trite. The sermon series just wrapped up 16 weeks in Romans. It's a shame we weren't around for all of it. Anyway, to summarize Kurt to summarize Romans:
1: Take every thought captive
2: Live in the spirit everyday

3: Love one another, especially in the community of believers

I think we're going to go to the Pathways To Community Group starting in January. It should take us right up to...when we leave for 3 months. Some community, huh?


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