Ready Made

One of my new favorite magazines is Ready Made, a DIY 'zine. Last issue was this cool modern bowl that I'm planning on doing this month:

by Paul Schifinophoto Photo credit: Aya Brackett

Mold a modernist bowl from construction-site refuse


Orange construction netting


Wok lid
Aluminum foil
3 small flowerpots
Oven mitts

1. I once saw a bowl made from melted toy soldiers in ReadyMade, and I figured I could make a nice “woven” bowl by applying the same principle here. The first thing I did was cut two circles, 19" in diameter, out of construction netting.

2. My wok lid had a nice shape to it, so I removed the wooden knob and covered the outside with aluminum foil.

3. With the rack in the lowest position, I set three small flowerpots in the center of my oven and placed the lid on top.

4. I turned on the oven, and when it hit 400°, I carefully centered the two pieces of netting on top of the wok.

5. With the oven door closed and the light on, I watched and waited. In a couple of minutes the netting began to melt.

6. When the pieces draped completely over the wok lid, I turned off the oven, removed the whole thing (flowerpots and all), and set it on newspaper I’d laid out on the countertop.

7. Once it cooled, I pulled the netting off the lid and admired my new orange crush.

{Safety First} If you’re concerned about fumes, you’re right to be. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated place, or “cook” your bowl on an outdoor barbeque.

{ tip } If you can’t find any netting to salvage, buy a roll at


Daniel said…
Hey bro, good to see that you have a blog now. Be consistent with it, unlike me! I'm trying to get better at it. Hope you all are doing well...

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