Half of my eBay auctions have sold...the top sellers are definitely loose lots of Clones...6x Quick Draw Clones got $30, 5x 501st Clone Troopers fetched $23, and 2 Deluxe Jet Pack Clones got a whopping $22.50. Not bad, considering what I paid those figures. I am glad I'm done listing, but now the shipping comes...and its cold in my basement!

The action figures aren't bad to pack and ship; it's the Lego BATCAVE that's a pain. Three of those take up an entire roll of shipping paper! Of course, I do double wrap them since they ship Parcel Post. I figure I get about a 42% markup from what I pay for them, which isn't bad, esp since I buy them at a big box retailer. I do have the lowest price on amazon.com. If I raise my price by $10 (to the 2nd lowest cost), I can earn nearly 60%, but will I still sell so many (I've sold 5 so far) and so quickly? I like a quick ROI.


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