Back from Chi-Town

We ditched meetings on Friday to head to IKEA, our newest favorite store. It's our favorite to hate, too, because when you go there, you realize that your own limited stores (Target, Home Depot, etc) are woefully not cool in IKEA's shadow. My office arrangement, though cool, would've done so much better with some other shelving. But we are planning on putting in a separate office on the 1st floor, and IKEA will probably furnish most, if not all, the storage and furniture and decor in the space. The great thing about IKEA is that there's so much of a range of stuff there...we got a long receipt list and only spent $30. LauraAnne got a great As-Is Knappa lamp for only $2.50!

Unfortunately, we don't have an IKEA in Colorado. We'll have to order online and ship, but that's ok since we won't have to pay any sales tax. I have some great storage ideas for my Legos on my shelves and most of IKEA's items are not assembled, so it gives me something to do with my hands.

Friday night we went to GameWorks in Schaumburg. Our company got us the "Winner's Room" with a buffet of chicken wings, meatballs, salad, hamburgers, chili, kielbasa with peppers, ribs, cookies, & brownies. Their food is good for what it is...I don't know if I'd ever pay to eat there, but the chili was very good with lots of different ingredients. I skipped the polish sausage and hamburgers and went straight for the ribs. They were a little dry, but hey, its Schaumburg, not Memphis.

We also got 4 drink tickets each for use at the bar. Somehow LauraAnne and I ended up with 12 between us and I had plenty to drink between beer & whiskey sours. Too much so and I had a hangover till mid-afternoon on Saturday. I did almost beat the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game, got a few field promotions in a shoot-em game, and got the Replay for Family Guy Pinball. Laura had a good night herself, kicking off the karaoke, sang several songs, and was even requested to go back up as the night wound to a close.

We slept way too late Saturday & went back to IKEA before heading down to the city for the weekend. We found another store, CB2, which is owned by Crate & Barrel. I was unaware they had a mortar store, and though it's not as cheap overall as IKEA, still had some affordable home furnishings and LA even found some appetizer plates and mini-dishes to go with our new white/black/stainless look kitchen.


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