Eating In Chicago

Chicago is, no doubt, one of the best places to eat. Just off the plane, we had to grab a Vienna hot dog to tide us over to dinner. We did eat at a chain or 2, but always like local flavor.

On our way to get wine for Nick's birthday is a place on the corner, Julius Meinl, a fairly large coffee house which seems busy every day of the week at all hours. It has quite an extensive menu of coffees and teas, along with delectable pastries. Needless to say, it was very hard to choose. Laura Anne and I settled on a large mocha and chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream icing. It was huge; it was delicious. I wish I had one right now...

For a late brunch on Sunday, we went with Nick to Ann Sather to eat one of the biggest meals we'd seen in a long time. Let me just say that the empty 4th placesetting was full of extra biscuits & gravy, cinnamon rolls, sausage, and other side. Laura Anne and Nick both had huge omelettes, stuffed so full it was coming out. I had Steak & Eggs Benedict, which wasn't my favorite; the hollandaise sauce wasn't quite as thick and creamy as I like. Everything else, including my hashbrowns was excellent. We walked out completely full and with 2 to-go containers to boot.


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