Eating, Part II

For our final big meal in Chicago, we went to Tango Sur in Wrigleyville for Nick's birthday. For either personal choice or licensing, this Argentinian steakhouse is BYOW--Bring Your Own Wine; the four of us drank 3 bottles, including my new favorite red wine, Red Rocks.

Nick and I split the 'Por Dos' as is our custom, after some tasty empanadas. It included flap steak, short ribs, sausage, black sausage, and beef sweetbreads. Yeah, I sausage and sweetbreads, both more pleasant names for some unpleasant sounding food items. The black sausage was not very good. Very dry and almost the consistency of cake & coffee grounds. The flavor itself was not bad per se, but the texture combined with the flavor turned me off and I probably would not eat it again. The sweetbreads were actually enjoyable, very similar to alligator. I would have a whole order on my own, but 2 or 3 along with a meal add a nice subtlety. I think Nick and I's favorite was the flap steak, which was well cooked to Medium and full of flavor. The entire 'Por Dos' meal is served in a large serving tray, similar to those found on buffet lines or foil to-go containers.

Laura Anne had a HUGE filet, which was Medium done, but still pink. Its so hard to order a filet and get them to cook it right, since its such a thick piece of beef. Everything we had was really great (black sausage excluded) and since it was Nick's birthday, they gave us Flan. I would never normally order Flan, but this was the best Flan I've had with a nice thick consistency and extremely rich caramel on top. I think he had a great birthday...
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