Brush up on your Greek! One of the oldest known copies of the Bible goes online this week with scanned sections at For those of us not up on our Greek, translations are available in English and German, but what a piece of history and faith to see! Without being a fancy professor this is as close as we'll get to this important piece.

Speaking of moral foundations, a federal appeals court has overturned the FCC's half-million dollar fine against CBS over what one commentator calls "nipplegate". CBS took a half-million dollar fine to a federal appeals court? This year, CBS gets $118,224 per 30 second prime time commercial. That's only 5 commercial spots in one night to pay the fine. The whole thing, from the "wardrobe malfunction" to the ruling is ridiculous. As the same commentator concludes:

"The only indecency to be found in this entire episode is that something so tiny that appeared on television for less than a second could ever become such a big deal."

Currently, the FCC does not regulate the volume of TV programs or commercials. I don't notice this on the networks, but cable sure is guilty of cranking up the volume. The peak volume of the commercials isn't any louder than the program, but their average volume sure is. Help is on the way! Rep. Anna Eshoo introduced the CALM Act in the House to prevent ads from being "excessively noisy and strident."

The other night LA and I watched National Geographic Channel's Inside The LA Gang Wars and we were both fascinated a look into American culture many would choose to ignore. It was very informative, and bless Father Stan for his work at the SEA Compton School. At one point in the show, however, the narrator stated that the guns the gangbangers carried were typically stolen from lawabiding citizens. Well, that's well and good to say, but then you see these kids brandishing AK-47s, Tec-9s, and 32-round handgun clips. All of these are federally banned--there's no way they stole them (aside from other gangbangers) so where'd these military grade weapons come from? I don't think this issue should've been glossed over; either address it or don't. And then some people want to uphold bans on registered handguns for US citizens! Get real! I think our effort and dollars need to be spent on finding how these guns are being smuggled into the US. If these gangbangers have access to such killing machines, who else does? That's a lot scarier than knowing who has legal handguns, don't you think?
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