A Winner Is You!

I am a winner. And now that has been independently verified by Galactic Binder, a huge database of Star Wars related website. They have monthly/weekly giveaways and it turns out I won a limited edition giclee of Darth Maul Concept Art from Acme Archives:

Monday night we took the dogs, met with Dana & Ben and her new puppy, to McCormick & Schmicks for a Dog's Night Out! Three Dog Bakery reserved the entire patio for dog-lovers to bring their best friends to a great restaurant. The dogs had treats on the table, creme puffs, quiches, Shepard's pie, and a whipped dessert with biscotti! The proceeds help out a local abandoned pet foundation, and the humans got to order whatever they wanted off the menu. Laura had a crab-topped filet and I had the mako shark. Wow. The meals were terrific (the drinks were too--scratch-made whiskey sour) but the desserts were even better! We split a creme brulee and the Chocolate Bag...don't ask, just order it.
On the world front, and a little late, did anyone catch Obama's "we are the world" speech in Germany? Afterwards, one commentator said it sounded like he was running for 'president of the world' and then we have news that Medvedev reintroduced Putin's Foreign Policy Concept, which would essentially be a Russian-NATO alliance, but with China probably included. And while we're making a mess of things by meddling in the Middle East, China is picking up the pieces where we've instituted democracy, then left the country on their own. So far they've picked up oil interests in Sudan (buying 2/3 of their petroleum exports), but most recently completed a $9 billion deal to trade ore for infrastructure in war-torn Congo. The deal would build a 1000-mile road to Zimbabwe and China would own a 68% stake in a super mine obtaining copper and cobalt for their growing industry.

So China has $9 billion to acquire more resources for their economy (which is largely supported by the growing US trade deficit) while the US has a $389 billion budget deficit...and we go and are in the hole for $648 billion in Iraq. What if we spent that money on US education? Or pursuing alternative energy? Or how about we don't spend it at all and get our country out of debt?

So...Russia wants to be a global political power in a new world order, Obama wants world unity, the US is heavily in debt, China is increasing its power/influence/commodities in Africa....Where are we going, and what's with the hand-basket?
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