Kim and Todd got in last night, and we weren't feeling like dealing with a huge crowd, so instead of going to the Riverwalk, we walked up the hill near our place to watch the fireworks with a moderate crowd at the parking lot. It was a good display, though we were mainly interested in catching up with friends we haven't seen since they got married. After the smoke cleared and the echoes faded, we went over to Peanut Downtown, a bar around the corner for some cold draft Fat Tire. The server wasn't very attentive, but we had our fill of drinks, and the 4th of July special worked out to be $10 for 6 drinks! Can't beat that!

We stayed out late and slept in, meeting Kim and Todd down on Country Club Plaza for lunch at the Classic Cup Sidewalk Cafe. We started with a round of drinks...Laura's Espresso Martini was excellent and very easy to replicate: vodka, 1/2 shot of espresso, and Godiva Dark. I had a cool mojito, though it wasn't the best I've had: the bartender was new.

Lunch was fantastic! Laura had the chicken salad on croissant with a side Caesar salad. The sandwich was huge, but the salad was bland. I was torn between the 3 Little Pigs, the Reuben, and the French Connection, but once I found that the French Connection was served warm, that settled it. Basic large croissant piled high with smoked turkey and ham, topped with warm brie, and lettuce/tomato. The soup was a seafood chowder that was the perfect richness with a variety of flavors. In the middle of the table: cheese fries to end all cheese fries. They didn't have artificial Cheez Whiz or Nacho Cheese, and it wasn't just melted cheddar either. These were gourmet cheese fries. The service was good, when we got was a very busy lunch crowd, but we liked our waiter. After lunch, we hit Latte Land for coffee drinks that completely topped us off.

I found some great shoes on sale at North Face, the eco-friendly Creede Canvas (on sale too!):

Laura continued her Burberry collection, and we meandered around great stores like GameStop, Sony Style, and the Apple Store. Its late in the afternoon and we've gone our separate ways rest and relax before this big plans yet, though we're going to Gates Bar BQ and might kick around Westport before calling it a night.
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