Call Me The Breeze

Yes, we finally made it home. We left Tues at noon from Williamsburg and got in this afternoon at 3pm, with plenty of daylight to unload the autos.

Man that's a long trip! And to make it longer, my cd changer got stuck and wouldn't eject, right in the middle of Ken Burns' The War! I had to rely on radio through Kansas (not much frequency there) and my mp3 player on my phone.

We stopped last night in Abilene, KS at the newish Holiday Inn Express. Nice bedding, a hot tub, and those yummy cinnamon rolls! We ate at the Brookville Hotel and wow. That's what we needed last night. The menu last night (its family style) was 1/2 skillet fried chicken, biscuit, sweet & sour cole slaw, mashed potatoes & gravy, relish, cottage cheese, creamed corn, and ice cream! Talk about good ole home cooking. Unfortunately we forgot our leftovers in the fridge and came home to no food in the house.

It was a good trip overall, and a great year. We accomplished alot around the house and personally. The last leg saw no disasters, no vet trips, no flat tires....just relatively easy work, fall foliage, good cash, nice area, nice hotel, and I saw a total of 4 bald eagles on this trip...2 on one day even! I think I had gone my whole life and seen 1 or 2, but there were 4 in just as many weeks. Is that a sign of something?

We managed to unload 630lbs of Ikea boxed furniture and get it all up to the 3rd floor tonight, where I spent time assembling the Expedit book shelf (the big one) and 2 small Lack coffee tables. Unfortunately, there's a heat vent right where we want to place the Expedit, and it may be a potential fire hazard so we'll have to engineer something to block the vent entirely and not just close it, since the grate gets very warm to the touch. One more project....
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