New Art Addition: 2 Cents' 'SF Ate My Heart' exclusive to Gallery 1988 in San Fransisco. I already have Love & Hate by the LA based street artist. (PS--Gallery 1988 is having a 15% off sale, which more than takes care of shipping)

While we're so worked up about politics, our falling economy, Iraq, and our own little lives, there is virtually no US news coverage of the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). A quick Google news search reveals 36,000 news articles in the past day regarding the current civil strife. That's a great thing about BBC World News on NPR...they have such an international focus, realizing that no country is an island and we only ignore world issues at our own peril.

I hope all the Obama-mania dies down soon; I think some people (especially in other countries) have some unrealistic expectations of him. I just want him to get into office and get to work. I heard Desmond Tutu (a South African Bishop) hope that Obama would apologize for the Iraq war! Ted Koppel promptly shot him down.

I also hope Obama does not seriously consider another stimulus. Bush was so sure about that last hand-out in January in an interview with USA Today:

QUESTION: Are you also confident that if this package is passed as negotiated, that the country will avert a recession?
THE PRESIDENT: I've always said the underpinnings of the economy are strong, and that inflation is low. There was another good jobs report today, exports are rising, productivity increases are still evident. I'm optimistic about economic growth. This package is meant to be an insurance policy.

QUESTION But you think those fundamental underpinnings will sustain the U.S. economy so we won't have a recession this year?
THE PRESIDENT: That's what I believe, yes.

Who was he listening to? And McCain's economic advisers weren't much use to him:

"The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well I should." (Dec 2007)
"I think, still the fundamentals of our economy are strong." (Sept 2008)

Call is misinformation, ignorance, or wishful thinking....the GOP had it wrong and thankfully a change is coming. How much worse could it get? We're stuck in a 5 year war without progress, the economy is in the crapper, civil liberties have been trampled, my tax dollars bailed out Wall Street, and in the past 8 years our country's outstanding debt has nearly doubled to $10 trillion. No wonder Don Miller said the Republicans' "economic policies are Biblically debatable." A change is here, and none too soon on January 20.

So what should we do? I don't know exactly, but another bailout or stimulus isn't the answer; a bucket of water on a forest fire doesn't do much good.
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