Hail to the Chief

Well the election went my way! Obama is now the President Elect, Udall--that "Boulder liberal"-- won the Senate seat, and outlandish Proposition 48 was soundly defeated (even in El Paso County).

Tell me what I've had to be excited about in my generation's history. The fall of the Berlin wall happened when I was 10 in '89....what's been really monumental since?

I was moved by McCain's acceptance speech. He seemed to speak from the heart and I really did like him and his political views, but as previously stated, the GOP and President Bush made winning almost impossible for him. If he had run at a different time, maybe 4 or 8 years ago, he would've gotten my vote. Now was just not the time for McCain.

I was also moved in a different direction during McCain's acceptance speech when a portion of the crowd booed Obama's election. That was completely disgraceful and unpatriotic. Democracy chose our leader and we should be cheering that democracy is alive and well in our great country.

Today is a great day to be an American. After so many social injustices....its only been 40 years since the Civil Rights Act...we can now hold free elections for any candidate! Who knows what the founding father's would think right now...would they believe their eyes? Is this something they would want? Despite the answer, its something they founded our country on....the great and undying American dream that with enough hope and perseverance, you can attain any goal you set forth....

Obama's presidency will no doubt greatly affect my generation. Baby Boomer are getting ready to retire and Generation X is inheriting this country--energy, civil rights (born and unborn), the war, taxes, health care, the economy, etc--we're the ones who will be affected by policy made in the next 4 years. We have a lot to lose and a lot to gain; Obama has inspired the 18-30 year olds in a way not seen since the 60s, a time that badly needed leadership and vision.

It is a tumultuous time, and I do not envy the Presidency and the problems that come with the office. But the American people have spoken and elected him. Treat him with the reverence the office deserves and the prayers the office needs.

Public Notice: Don't forget to take McCain/Palin stickers off your car and signs out of your yards
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