I've been busy of late, photographing and listing over 100 items for eBay. I still have listings to do today, but got all my pictures taken yesterday. Most of it is from 2 separate Craigslist purchases. I still have 2 Lego Millenium Falcons to build, but after building the Star Destroyer Monday afternoon, I need a break! I read that the best time to end an auction is on Sundays between 4-11pm PT, because I guess everyone is home at that time to bid on stuff. Otherwise they're at work and not supposed to be on eBay or out and about with better things to do. We'll see in 5 days if I timed it right, but the stuff I'm selling should do very well.

I talked to my boss yesterday and it looks like we'll have work until July 09 and then it all dries up for a year or 2, so LA and I will have to figure out what we're going to do. But we have to make it through the markets first. As of right now, its looking like: Mempis, Greensboro NC, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Louisville, Providence. We'll probably try to do 4 markets (about 5 months) since no one can do 6 months straight. Who knows, by then the reorganization at headquarters might be done and we might get more markets, but no one's holding their breath.

So we have the house decorated for Christmas; here's a little slideshow of what LA has done this year

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