There is a lot of fear surrounding OBAMA these he a socialist, is he too liberal, is he even an American, but I don't think we've feared the current government enough.

America went to war with Iraq 5 years, $580 billion and 4200 lives ago. We went to war based on information that the Iraqi government and its leader, Saddam Hussein, had Weapons of Mass Destruction. No one can argue that the information was solid: there were no WMDs. No argument.

Most Americans (58%) believe it was mistake sending troops to Iraq. Even former White House Adviser Karl Rove, agrees now that if it was clear that Iraq had no WMDs, we would not have gone to war: "Absent [WMD's], I suspect that the administration's course of action would have been to work to find more creative ways to constrain him like in the 90s,"

But asked about Rove’s comment during an interview with ABC News Monday, Cheney said “I disagree with that.”

He continued "What [special intelligence groups] found was that Saddam Hussein still had the capability to produce weapons of mass destruction. He had the technology, he had the people, he had the basic feed stocks...” Cheney added. So its OK to depose a leader, cast an entire nation into chaos, and spend American lives and dollars because of what he might or might not do?

Read the entire transcript here.

Bush, to his credit, has said his greatest regret of his Presidency was "the intelligence failure in Iraq." I, too, would regret $580 billion of taxpayer money (about $2800 per taxpayer) and 4200 lives. That would keep me up at night.

America, since WWII, has been a country that has stood for freedom and democracy and spreading those ideals abroad. How tarnished we have become! How two-faced we are! Only after 5 years do soldiers now need warrants in Iraq and contractors will be subject to Iraqi law--needed especially after security contractors killed 17 innocent civilians.

If America wants to recover her stature and regain respect, its time to start leading by example. And I think with November's election results, we've made a step in the right direction.
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