Hardball with Chris Matthews 12/18

To follow-up previous posts, regarding upholding America's ideals, I think Rep. Jim Moran (D) summed it up best on Hardball. He was referring specifically to the 'torture report' recently released by the Senate Armed Services Committtee:

"...what troubles me more than anything is not the personal culpability, it‘s the damage they did to our reputation throughout the world. These kinds of actions were more damaging to our side in the war on terrorism than anything al Qaeda has been able to achieve. That‘s what troubles me.

Waterboarding is torture. Torture is illegal in terms of international law. It‘s ineffective. You don‘t get reliable information. And in fact, what we do will be done by others against us when our troops are captured. And you know, it does set us back in this war of values and principles and ideals. Our strongest weapon in the war on terrorism is our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our values and principles. And we violate them, we lose that moral high ground."
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