1/2 Settled

Well, we're not home, but this is our last stop. We've taken the past 2 days to catch our breath from packing up and travelling so much in 2 weeks.

We've landed in NE Cincinnati, right near Mason, OH. Our employer got us a super rate at a Marriot TownePlace Suites. It's a one bedroom, but plenty big enough for us, 2 dogs, and our cat. I would've liked a 2 bedroom, but at $15 extra per day, that equals $450 over 30 days...that's alot of cash when all is said and done.

Yesterday we got a lay of the land...we're only 1/2 mile from Target, Barnes & Noble, and Best Buy, with other major retailers close by. We're on a healthy eating kick and did a majority of our grocery shopping at Wild Oats, picking up the remainder today at Biggs. We found a quaint little Japanese place today and ate lunch for only $5 plus tip! WOW. That included 2 miso soups, 2 salads, and 1 sushi roll. The Tokyo Roll--salmon, salmon skin, avocado, cucumber, tempura pieces, with spicy mayo. Quite tasty! We'll have to return soon for lunch.

Work arrives tomorrow. Being that there are only 2 working days left this week, I'm eager to get back in the field to earn some cash before the weekend. I think we may hit a big flea market west of here, or head into Kentucky for the aquarium.

B&N was a little disappointing this afternoon. They had a few good graphic novels and magazines, but we soon left for Borders across the interstate. I found several magazines to peruse including Juxtapoz and Empire, both good reads. And their comic/graphic novel section was very good. I looked at Wolverine Evolutions, but the reviews are in and it doesn't look like it has a strong story. Instead I think I'm leaning towards Hellboy. I really enjoyed the movie and just today learned about a sequel coming soon. Amazon has this nice Library Edition coming in April I'll have to pre-order.

Tomorrow, although we go back to work, is our 4 year wedding anniversary. That's as long as I was in high school! I know its not that long of a milestone compared to some, but nowadays it's almost a rarity. In some respects it seems so long ago, but in others, the time has flown by since its been so natural to spend so much time with my best friend. Hard to say whether we'll go out, or just have a nice quiet dinner & bottle of wine here, but either way, it'll be wonderful celebrating our love, remembering the past, and looking forward to what time has in store for us and where we'll be next year even.
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