Beware The Ides of March

They'll really sneak up on you and before you know it, its been 10 days since a last post and so much has happened and so many miles covered.

The best I can remember....working through the weekend to get Fayetteville done. 136 single sampling points, 13 doubles, and 1 triple. Last night I got caught up on 7 weeks of expense reports & today finally finished all my write ups.

The phone charger finally arrived on Tues evening. That came after a manager couldn't explain to me why it didn't go out on Friday, but we were fortunate enough to find an private brand open item at Best Buy for only $8.99.

We both have a Nintendo DS Lite. I have a white one, and well, Laura has to decide between pink & black. We've got a few games: The Simpsons, Super Mario, Resident Evil, and Laura's current favorite, Professor Layton & The Curious Village.

I mailed off for my Captain Rex figure last night. In 6-8 weeks I'll be getting this:

We've rented some good movies, like No Country For Old Men and some so-so ones like Dan In Real Life.

We drove to Jacksonville for my grandfather's funeral. He had been sick for the past 2 years, and it was comfort to know he was no longer in pain. Again it was good to see family, but coming from a very sorrowful funeral to another funeral was a hard 2 weeks. The only thing during the service that bothered me was that no one spoke of PaPa's devotion to family. I think I would want to be remembered as a great husband first and foremost...that's the best kind of statement of faith I can think of.

We hung out with my cousin & her boyfriend, which we haven't done in a while, as well as my other cousin. They're fun to be with.

We had family photos in the backyard at MaMa's; I even got to take some. But there's a handful of Laura and I that came out really good, that we'll have to get blown up and framed.

As a light alternative to the rich funeral food we've been having, we've dined on Japanese lately...we both like Miso Soup & Green Salad with Ginger dressing, and I get some exotic sushi roll. The last place we were at had Rogue's Morimoto Soba Ale. Wow. Tons of flavor for a lite ale.

We stayed the night in Asheville on the way to Cincinnati. Downtown is nice with lots of coffee shops and art galleries. Unfortunately, most were closed even at 1030am. We did find a nice one, American Folk Art & Framing, which even had some of Cornbread's stuff (we saw his work in Tallahassee). We both liked the colors of Moni Hill:

I am sure there is more that's happened on our trip, and more to write about, like the proposed Dream Act, our current location in Cincinnati, and how nice it will be to get home, but I've got some reading to do...

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