Overcast and drizzly today. Perfect day for us (and most of Cinci) to go to IKEA. Seriously, the line was out the door and police were directing traffic. We had a productive run: a coffee press, wire curtain/picture hangers, a $3 'shelf' from the Handy Man's corner of the As-Is room, a candle snuffer, and tons of ideas, like ledges, window treatments, wine racks, and picture frames. Add a trip to 2 different Targets, a new Simpsons episode, and you can call it a day. I tried Red Tulip ale today and enjoyed it, though it was nothing memorable.

Laura was feeling better last night, so we had a big meal at Outback. She had the filet grillers and I had the new Chargrilled Tuscan Ribeye. Needless to say, I cleaned my plate--even the fat was delicious mixed in with garlic mashed potatoes. Their mixed vegetables were very good; I usually won't touch them, but we ate good last night. But a sore throat struck later and woke her up at 3am...I finally woke up and went to Wal Mart for Riccola, so we could both get some sleep on the fold out couch, since the A/C in our room continued to bother her throat. Hopefully its only a few more days and she'll be back to 100%.

I tried using a Target DPCI this morning to get the new exclusive Order 66 2-packs. They had them in stock, but the stock girl said they weren't scheduled for sale until April 13. Other collectors have used this technique successfully for the same item, and there's nothing on the case that says "Hold Until" but oh well, I can wait; it gives me something to look forward to. And time to decide on what to get and what to take my chances on if they go to clearance. I'm definitely getting the Tsui Choi pack and probably Master Sev. Maybe even 2 Choi's just to have 2 yellow BARC Clones, seen mostly in the comics.
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