2nd day back in...I will again reiterate that this market is much better than the F-ville. There are few dirt roads...anything unpaved (which is rare) is hard pack gravel and most houses have the nice reflective green address signs. Despite an hour drive yesterday and 30 minutes today, I've managed to get 7 surveys done, while poor Laura Anne has been sick the past 2 days. Maddie, Bunny, and Boots have all taken stellar care of her while I've been at work.

Maybe tomorrow we'll try something low-key if she's feeling up for it. We heard Horton Hears A Who is a really good movie.

Tonight's beer: Victory Prima Pils. Better than the sorghum last night, though very hoppy. Not bad, but still not in my favorites list. So I followed it with a new favorite, Diet Dr Pepper (it really does taste like regular Dr Pepper!), a splash of lime, and Jim Beam Black. I used to be a Jack Daniels guy, but like Jim Beam Black much much better. We're near the distillery, but I heard the tour just consists of a 30 minute movie and a tour of the 'museum' which is mostly the gift shop. The Maker's Mark distillery sounds cool though, where you actually get to see the
grounds and barrels, and if you buy a bottle, you get to dip it in the signature red wax.

I beat The Simpsons Game on the DS late last night. Total time was 8 hours, but that includes the time I spent with 'Pet Homer' and getting 100% of the bonus items. So yeah, I beat it at 100%. Some of the collectibles required multiple plays of the same board. I would highly recommend this game for any Simpsons fan, but if you're not a fan of the show, you might not like the basic 2-D platform.
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