Leaving Memphis

Today was a good day in Memphis. It started with sleeping in, a quick workout for me, then a fabulous brunch at Owen Brennan's across the street. Perhaps the best brunch we've had. We were joined by our boss and Shram & his fiance. There was nothing on the buffet line that wasn't excellent. Some standouts: biscuits & beef tip and mushroom gravy, shrimp, oysters on the half shell, eggs Benedict, grits, smoked trout, Petit Fours, eclairs, bananas foster, and mimosa's. I can't believe we waited this whole time to get over there. I've seriously been full all day. The restaurant was authentic New Orleans (without the trash) with great decor and even a small jazz trio near the front door.

After a nap, we went over to the comic shop, where I picked up KOTOR #38, Terminator Salvation 1 (movie prequel), and Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #1. The new artist for KOTOR, Dean Zachary, will be signing at Comics & Collectibles on Wed, but we will be long gone. So I left my issue and hopefully he'll get around to signing it and they'll get around to shipping it. I really like the new art direction. I was severely turned off by the cartoon-look of the past story arcs. His is more of a sketch approach, and has lots of detail without the big heavy lines that made past issues look too busy.

LA was over t La Maison Antiques looking at some great imported items. My favorite were some Italian pewter decanters with bulls and deer on for the stoppers. But at $130 each for the small ones, I just couldn't do it.

If you're ever in Memphis, lock your doors and remove all valuable and be sure to get some BBQ at Cozy Corner, some brunch at Owen Brennan's, and pick up some household items over at La Maison.

My two beers of the week are Sierra Nevada's Harvest Wet Hop Ale with "unmatched aromatics of pine and citrus with layers of spicy-sweet notes." I thoroughly enjoyed the 24oz bottle and would gladly drink another. Very different, but equally as unique and refreshing was Dogfish Head's Red & White: "Malt beverage brewed with coriander & orange peel with pinot noir juice added...11% aged in pinot noir barrels and 89% aged on oak barrel staves." So it was a great combination of red wine and beer, which sounds odd, but well worth a try. I don't know about making it my regular beer; more of a special occasion ale.

Goodbye to Memphis in the morning, moving on to Louisville, which neither of us has spent much time in. I'm looking forward to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and going to at least one distillery. We're staying in the Towne Place Suites on the IN side, which was recently remodeled. Nothing will beat that RI in Greensboro, but this one will be nice, located near the river and several restaurants.

Hopefully they solved the Wi-Fi issue I experience last time, in which their wireless network was named the same as the Sheraton's. My computer kept connecting to Sheraton, which required a name/room log in. Not a big deal for the laptop since I can do a wired connection, but it is a big deal for the Wii, and the fact I haven't played Call of Duty: World at War in almost a month. I'm in withdrawal.


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