Shitty Memphis (Pardon My French)

So our time in Memphis has been pretty crap-tastic. This week the Honda's misfire issue became a problem, and after taking it to the shop, found out that the compression is bad and could be a leaking head gasket. Translation: needs new used engine. So its in the shop today getting another engine which will be tested and will have a 6 month warranty.

I was out to grab my CDs from Laura's car to put in my rental, when low and behold, someone did a smash-and-grab on the passenger window for the $200 GPS unit. Our morning is shot. And we have to rent one more car for another day. All our work is an hour away, and its already 930am. We have to have all our work done by Monday, so it looks like a 7 day work-week is coming our way, thankfully we have the work to cover the engine and window...which we just got tinted. Toni, our boss, bless his soul, is going to cover the GPS for us...which we just bought the map update for.

We cannot wait to get out of this shit hole.
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