Yeah, its been a solid week since my last that time we finished off the last of our 53 surveys (7 were doubles) and got them all written up over the weekend.

We did manage to have some fun, or at least attempt, as we took in the latest Ann Hathaway movie, Rachel Getting Married, based on strong reviews and nominations for Ms Hathaway. Although she gave a strong performance, the movie itself was not enjoyable. Independent for Independent sake is not a good thing, and neither was the extreme pretentiousness found throughout. The best part of the movie was when they told the musicians to shut up. The entire thing was way too long composed of scenes that were way too long...dancing, wedding toasts, meltdowns. No wonder Hathaway's character tried to kill herself; I'd completely understand with all that pressure to be Indie.

On a much more amusing note, Austin Texas was recently invaded by zombies:

We made the 11 hour drive to Memphis on Monday, battling snow through half of the state. It cleared up shortly after Knoxville. After a two-night stay in a crummy hotel room, we again switched rooms. Its not a fun habit to get such crappy accommodations. Among other concerns, there was mold in the room, and now my throat is all scratchy. Management moved us to a nicer, cleaner two-bedroom. It turns out we got to the hotel a few months early. It is scheduled for complete renovation in March. The good news is that the work is 20 minutes away (it was twice that in Greensboro) and we're right across the street from a Starbucks and pilates studio. Ruth Chris and Flemings steakhouses are also within a few blocks, though its unseasonably cold (17 is the low tonight) and miserable to walk around outside. The weekend should warm to 60 degrees, perfect for hunting down some good BBQ.
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