Not much of a weekend here in Memphis, due to my cold. We got out a little in our immediate area, but have yet to visit Beale St or get any bar-b-que.

In my neverending quest for good beer, I tried Abita's Amber and was not impressed. It wasn't bad, but not great. However, I did find a good pale ale, Kona's Fire Rock. I only saw it at one store in Greensboro, and doubt I'll ever see it again, but I would recommend it. I like a good pale ale, but one that's not too hoppy. Dogfish Head's 60 minute is way too bitter; I'd almost hate to try their 90 minute. So far my favorite is Boulevard's Pale Ale, but you can only get it in the mid-west, so my national favorite is from Sierra Nevada. Due to a limited selection at the liquor store, I got Dogfish's Indian Brown Ale, but find it too caramel/coffee tinted. That same store did have a 750 mL of Rogue's Double Dead Guy Ale, a Silver Medalist at the 2008 World Beer Championships, bought in part because of the great red painted bottle.

Our current Memphis work isn't too bad, but the current criminal climate is: last week a bomb exploded next to a doctor's car, critically injuring him, and over the weekend, an argument over tight parking spaces ended with death, as the owner/occupant of a Hummer, one 59 year old pulls a gun and leaves 3 kids without their father. Over parking spaces.

In last week's news, a photo of Michael Phelps made the front page of a tabloid of him smoking from a bong. He admitted, apologized, and is suspended for 3 months. People are up in arms, since he's such a role model and respected athlete, but what people seem to be overlooking is that Alex Rodriguez, who has denied steroid use, admitted to it 6 years later. Why is Phelps getting crucified? Marijuana is not a performance enhancing drug. Is it a coincidence that from 2001-2003 (when A-Rod was on the juice) that he broke several records and was named the AL MVP? In 2003 he gave enough money ($3.9 million) to the University of Miami to get the baseball park named after him. How is this not a bigger deal than Michael Phelps getting a hit from a bong? At least its only a 3 month suspension, which precludes him from a warm up race before Rome. Slap on the wrist. But to lose his Kellogg's endorsement? I think Kellogg's is over-reacting. So far there is no fall-out for the A-Rod controversy, a man who's contract with the Yankees is $27.5 million/season for the next 6 years, nevermind countless endorsement deals.
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