Bringing the Hatch, Back

So yeah, we got a new car! We're going to be on the road for 8 months a year, for the next two years. Why waste money renting a car for nearly $1ooo/month plus pay for gas? The IRS mileage reimbursement is $.505/mile, which pays for gas and wear and tear.

And we don't have to spend much on gasoline since we now have a diesel. Yes, diesel is about 10% more expensive than unleaded, but our 2006 Volkswagen Golf TDI gets 44.1 mpg highway, nearly double our Honda's mileage!

Its a pretty hard car to find, so we had to jump on it in Kansas City. That whole ordeal (test driving, negotiating, & financing) set us back a day, but it was worth it. It handles very well, lots of zip, and is loaded with features: moon roof, heated seats, & monster mats. The 1.9L engine only puts out about 100hp, but with how tiny the car is (plus the turbo) you'd never know. And with 500+ miles per tank--Yowza!
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