Do not rent Resident Evil: Extinction. Third movie in the franchise. We should've known better. This third one is a dud. The opening sequence made no sense in context with the rest of the movie and the entire thing seemed too drawn out. There were several plot holes, like why didn't the zombies just take down the chain link fence? There was no overall point to the movie, just an extended intro into a possible 4th chapter.

We did rent The Devil Wears Prada last night, and though mildly predictable, still delivered star performances by Streep and Hathaway. Thankfully the movie didn't focus on the 'fish out of water' aspect too much in regards to Hathaway's Andrea character working for the top fashion magazine when she clearly knew nothing of fashion. The love interest was wrapped up nicely and not schmaltzy at all.

I normally don't find anything at Plato's Closet, being that 7/8 of the store is for females, but on our last trip there, I got a Like New pair of black Steve Maddens for only $18, a nice red propaganda-type tshirt for $6, and Simpsons Season 2 on DVD for only $8! Instead of my usual random approach to Simpsons DVDs, I am starting with disc 1. Today we watched Simpson and Delilah. My only question is: did Bart grow his beard and to what (hilarious) result? We also saw one of our favorite Treehouse of Horrors which included the Simpson version of The Raven. Coincidentally, they released the mini-statue/dio of the same scene.

Here's a link from the most recent season/episode: I Dig the Wig - Pick a Winner. I really want a shirt with the Pick A Winner logo, but may have to settle for a nice quality poster if I can bug Rick enough.

We're leaving on Monday for Fayetteville, NC with 150 surveys to do. We'll stop that night in Kansas City and see Laura's dad & fiance. Tues night: Lexington. Our route will take us 20 minutes from my Grandparents in VA, so Wed/Thurs we'll spend with them in Atkins. Laura Anne has never been to their place (neither have the dogs & cat!) so everyone is looking forward to this visit. My grandparents have a neat house on an acre or 2 that backs up to a small creek. They have a great basement to explore & shop out back full of old farm implements. I remember as a small boy hunting craw-dads in the creek and they live a few miles from the AT...its a very scenic and peaceful small town.
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