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I can understand alot of the criticism about Russia's upcoming election. Basically, Putin has 'chosen' who will be elected: Medvedev. Putin will then become Prime Minister. Other candidates have not gotten press coverage, and it is widely known that no only does the Kremlin want Medvedev elected, but wants a large turnout to solidify the validity of the elections. This is clearly not entirely a democratic election, but it raises some questions about our own US election process.

Instead of only having one clear choice to vote for, we do get, well, double the choice of 2. Yeah, there are independents, but they have as much chance as the opposition to Medvedev. And we only get 2 real choices. Right now, we're having mini elections for the Democratic nominee, but that process eliminates either Obama or Clinton....both cannot run, since the Dem vote may be split against a unified Republican candidate. Really, to give us a true choice, I think we need 2 candidates from each party, so its an actual contest and not just

Democrats vs Republicans

that way we have more of a choice, to be able to pick our issues to vote for, to break up the party lines, to get more people interested in the elections! The primaries are getting so much attention, it would be great to have a 4 way balanced contest. I know whoever gets the D Nomination, some people will vote Republican just because they don't like their party candidate.

I think a 2 party, 4 candidate system would give more power to the people, make the politicians a little more transparent, and give more hope to the American people about their leaders.
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