We drove to Denver yesterday to meet up with Sarah & Tobi for her 27th birthday. The timing was perfect, since we leave tomorrow for 2+ months on the road. One last hurrah started at the Denver Science & Nature Museum. While not the Field, the Denver Museum had lots to look at, including a very interesting Mining/Geology Exhibit, including a lot of local stuff, from the largest gold nugget found in CO, to the aquamarine found on Mount Antero, and the Silver Rush in the late 1800s.

The stuffed animals were impressive and we placed in some of the best dioramas I've seen. The two record Alaskan Grizzlies were HUGE. Life Matters or whatever was entertaining, but some of the exhibits that measure personal height/weight, blood pressure, etc were broken, including the print-out at the end.

On our way to dinner, we stopped for an hour at Starbucks to get some coffee, sit, and talk.

Dinner was at the humble looking Cafe Berlin, which Tobi found for us. We started out with 2 Kartoffelpuffers, or potato pancakes. They are served with apple sauce and sour cream. I think most of us liked ours with sour cream. Laura Anne and Sarah split a bottle of Riesling, and of course I couldn't resist 1L of Doppelbock. And I am proud to say I finished every drop! LA & I split the special, a pork tenderloin in mushroom cream sauce that was akin to gravy. It was the most tender tenderloin I've had and was very impressed by the texture and flavor. On the side was sauerkraut and Spatze, in the same mushroom cream sauce. Dessert was tempting, but I was too full of kraut and bier, and everyone else was too full...we did, however, manage to devour Sarah's birthday ice cream though...

Still full when I got up today, but looking forward to brunch with Merrily & Dick...fresh Panera bagels, mimosa, and egg casserole was on the menu late morning. The casserole had egg, bread, sausage, red pepper, and who knows what else, but whatever it was, I ate thirds! I was so sleepy after my big meals, and all I wanted to do was come home and take a nap, but it was not to be.

I went up North to watch a bit of the Superbowl with my Star Wars buddy Geoff & his church small group. Knowing what laid ahead at dinner time caused me to use some restraint. I limited myself to 1 beer, mixed green salad, 2 chicken wings, some popcorn, and some fried onion. The wings kept calling my name, not to mention the football shaped cookies.

I left just after the 1st Quarter and only saw one ad that I liked:


I came home to help Laura Anne pack, then headed next door to Rick & Nancy's (though it was just Nancy since Rick is in Africa) for some of the BEST nachos. She made them in the Tostitos Scoops with taco seasoned ground turkey, cheese, & black beans. Sour cream and salsa were on the side, as well as fresh guacamole. Nothing like fresh guac with onion, some garlic, & mayo for consistency, rinsed down with Rhyme or Reason red wine.

Even now at 1/4 to midnight, I'm still full and probably don't need to eat much, if anything, on the road tomorrow. Its an early day tomorrow...with our first stop being Starbucks so I can see the road.

We'll stay in Kansas City tomorrow night, and with any luck, leave the town in our Honda CR-V as well as a new purchase. Stay tuned.
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