It took nearly a week, but we finally made it to Fayetteville, NC!

Between buying a used car out-of-state and visiting with my grandparents in Virginia, the trip did take a little longer than expected, but all the detours were worth it.

We're getting settled into (and learning alot about) a corporate rental. Kings Crossing was the only place in town we could find, and though a slight hassle above a normal extended stay hotel, it is much much cheaper and a little more home-like. Our place is a furnished apartment, but we did have to go out and, in addition to expected groceries, had to buy towels and sheets/blankets. Linens were provided with the corporate housing, but neither of us could spend a month sleeping on that floral print. Thank goodness for Target.

So far so good. It is very weird moving from a house to an apartment and everything that comes with that....3 flights of stairs, scuffs on the walls, weird layouts, and normal apartment gripes like thin paint on the walls that comes off when you scrub the scuffs on the walls, mediocre carpet, and low-end cabinets & appliances.

But after a few hours and 1 meal, things feel better, especially with new bedding and the suitcases actually unpacked. Our location is good, right near the only major shopping in the region--this is good and bad. It is nice to have apartment amenities again...full work out center, indoor & outdoor pools, free tanning bed, & tennis courts.

The weather is much warmer than expected, so we hope to take advantage of the courts this week. Getting here the weather was just crummy. We ran into cloud cover on Monday half way through Colorado and didn't see the sun until Virginia on Thursday. During that cloudy period, I doubt the mercury got above 35 degrees, not to mention all the snow that came down in Kansas City.

We do not lack space here at Kings Crossing; we opted for the 3/2 to get a little more room, since we do pack full cars with luggage, dogs, & a cat and all the accessories that go along with 1-2 months on the road: guitar, dog beds, kitty litter, laundry, tennis rackets, shoes, coats, etc etc. So come and see us! (But bring your own sheets & blanket).
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