Just finished Republic Commando: Triple Zero, the 2nd book in the series (thanks for the gift, Dad!). Turned into a great read, with lots of Mando culture, subterfuge, and new great characters. Sometimes it was hard to follow all the names involved, and since all clones look the same, it was hard to keep them straight in my head. But I am eager to continue the story in True Colors, and the finale, Order 66 later this year.

I emailed Del Ray earlier this year to inquire about a hardback collection of the Republic Commando novels, but they never replied. I think with Order 66 coming out in hardcover in August, it would be a perfect time to collect the other 3 into a nice volume. I own the PBs and would definitely add the hardcover...and while we're wishing, do a limited edition with a slipcover and collection of all the covers. and release a signed edition, too....email Del Ray at: delrey@randomhouse.com

Yesterday we had quite the big busy day...up early then worked out, tanned a few minutes, showered, and went up to Cameron, NC, a small town with quite a few antique stores. We started at The Dewberry Deli and Soda Fountain. Lunch was DELICIOUS. Its located under The Old Hardware Antiques. Laura Anne got a very flavorful chicken salad on a light buttery croissant. I had the Reuben, one of the best I've had. The corned beef was sliced very thick, minimal sauerkraut, mustard, and minimal 1000 Island Dressing, all on grilled & pressed rye. I wanted to eat two of them, but needed to save room for dessert. It was a hard choice, but we each got a piece of Tollhouse Pie, which is essentially a warm walnut chocolate chip cookie pie. A la mode with vanilla really made it top notch.

My big find at the stores was (regrettably left behind) a KGB Officer's flask, in great shape, with a small sculpted Lenin on the front. It was a little too much cash at $52. Maybe if I could call and talk him down, but still, a $30 flask would be a little much.

So I settled to go to the comic shop near our apartment and picked up Aliens: Wraith, Aliens: Stalker, and Wolverine: Firebreak, all for cover price. The store--Coin Exchange--had a good selection of back issues of recent titles, as well as limited edition covers and signed copies.

We were busy nearly all day, and crashed pretty hard while watching Spider-Man 3, a mediocre entry in the franchise. Its no X-Men in tone, but very easy to make fun of. And lots better than the complete and utter bomb that was Idiosyncrasy.
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