I just finished rereading Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and our great 40th Anniversary Hardback Edition at that, with included author's sketches. I remember I had a hard time getting through it the first time, but either time or rereading made the 2nd time much more comprehensible. I didn't get as lost being in the Chief's head as I did the first go round. I still compared it alot to the movie, which I really enjoy, but still prefer the book and the minor variances in scenes like the fishing expedition and the very end encounter with Nurse Ratched.

If you didn't make it to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art the last few months, you missed a great exhibition by Chakaia Booker entitled Rubber Made, consisting entirely of used auto and bike tires. The textures she creates is simply amazing, some pieces looking like they were constructed of feathers, and others were melted, fusing the rubber together and lending more shape to birds and candles. We thoroughly enjoyed the museum and its small gift shop. We even picked up a signed copy of an exclusive Kemper book of Chakaia's works.

While Dana and Laura Anne saw Traveling Pants 2, I sat down and watched the new Clone Wars movie. Good, not great. The clones and battles lent themselves to the animation, but all the humans were less than stellar, seeming very stiff in the faces and lacking any expression. Jabba's flamboyant uncle was unsettling. Combining 3 made-for-tv shows into a movie left it a little disjointed. TV in its format lends itself well to jumping around scene-to-scene in its 30 minute time slot, but so much jumping in 90 minutes gives less of a sense of the whole. I think the longest scene was the best at the beginning, the battle at Christophsis. The music was influenced by John Williams' original score, but there was music in the entire thing! And not really great inspiring music either. I really liked the battles & all the clones, especially Rex, and to a lesser degree Cody and Fox. Hopefully their roles in future episodes will deepen. I'm looking forward to the series, and will probably own it on DVD, but just a movie release for the sake of marketing is a little ridiculous.

Friday night we went out with some of our co-workers to Grinders in the Crossroads district to hear Split Lip Rayfield, what I can best describe as 'speed bluegrass.' They had quite the following, I guess since they're somewhat local, being from Wichita. They were amazing musicians. The bassist's bass was a one string fashioned from a 1965 Ford gas tank! Definitely check out their website and listen to some songs!

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