We still can't seem to find a great non-chain steak house in KC. A travesty, right? Well the in dependant Nielsen group met up and ate at Phillips Chop House the other night. And let me tell you, I don't think anyone was very impressed. First off, my whiskey sour was made with a pre-made mixer I could've bought in the grocery (unlike McCormick & Schmick, which was handmade). All the sides were great, including my scallops on the side. However, a medium-well filet of beef should be slightly pink in the middle, but what I received was Well Done, as well as everyone elses, except for the guy who ordered Medium (which looked Medium Rare). The flavor was much better than Plaza III, but Houston's has so far been the best steak in KC so far.

Down the road, between uptown and the Plaza, in the Crossroads District is a little place my dad turned us onto, Town Topic. HOLY COW. Best burgers I've had. They're a larger tastier meatier version of a White Kastle or Krystal burger: ultra thin with grilled onions pressed in. We made the mistake of ordering singles with cheese and were left wanting many more burgers. There's not enough room to turn around in the restaurant, and even less room in the bathroom, but well worth the location and tight squeeze. We went on a sunny Saturday and are planning a return trip before we go home.

Surprise movie of the summer: Swing Vote. Kevin Costner was hard to believe in such an irresponsible roll in the beginning, but the movie was actually very touching. The device the movie-makers used to get us to 'Bud' being the final vote in the presidential election was unique and believable, and the ending was exactly what I expected. The entire movie was well-acted without any commentary on today's leadership, just today's political scene. The satire was a little bold (Democrats for pro-life and Republicans for tight border control) but hilarious. And Madeline Carroll absolutely stole the show. Without her, the movie wouldn't have been as endearing or touching. Not only is it a great satire on today's political climate, but also commentary on voter apathy. Not to mention a really rocking soundtrack. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone.

Oh yeah, we're going home this week!
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