In my opinion, the bipartisan election process is a disgrace to democracy. There are only 2 might as well flip a coin. Some would say that to vote Independent is to throw away your vote. Well, I'm going to stick it to the man in 08 and vote Independent for Ralph Nader. Yup, he's running again, but I'm sick of elections where I feel like I have to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. If enough people refused to buy into the Republican/Democrat way of running the election (have you seen any debates? or read/watched current media?), then maybe some actual issues would be addressed instead of repetitive rhetoric.

I think Nader has some great views on certain current issues, and on ones I disagree with, at least he has a clearly stated position. Some guys won't give you a straight answer. He stands for:

Full medicare for all
Living wage
Cutting the bloated military budget (contract fraud)
Taxpayer subsidies to big corporations
Bailouts to crooked Wall Street firms
Increases taxes on things society likes least: security derivative speculation, pollution, gambling, addictive industries before taxing labor
Crackdown on corporate fraud and abuse

Listen to his interview with the Political Junkie at NPR and educate yourself at VoteNader.

I haven't read his website extensively, or researched into criticism about his politics, but is there a 'perfect' candidate? Is there someone out there running for any office that you can agree with 100%? Learn about the issues. Decide what's important to you. And vote that way. Or don't vote. It's your right. Exercise it.
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