What Would Jesus Do? Probably not join a militant group in India and kill a Hindu religious leader, sparking even more violence. Isn't that against one of the Commandments?

If you have problems with a great classic rock song, instead of changing the lyrics to make them family-friendly, just choose a different song! Instead of "I'm gonna give you every inch of my love" Leona Lewis sang "..every bit of my love" and altogether dropped "Shake for me, girl, I wanna be your backdoor man" at the Olympics closing ceremony. And Jimmy Page was a part of it! I'm sorry but the Zep is such a sellout now...first Cadillac commercials and now this. I might understand a paycheck for some music over a commercial, but to completely change lyrics to a great song just for a buck? What happened to rock 'n roll? And to appease the Chinese?

"I always believed in the music we did and that's why it was uncompromising." Jimmy Page

I'm reminded of the Doors' performance on the Ed Sullivan Show when they were told to change the word "higher." As the keyboardist Ray Manzarek remembers it to CNN:
" 'Yes, sir,' we told him," he recalls. "'Whatever you say, sir. We'll change.' [The producer] looked at Jim and said, 'You're the poet. Think of something else -- 'wire,' 'flyer.' "
Then the Doors went out and did the song exactly as they always did. Sullivan was so furious he didn't even shake their hands.
When the Doors got backstage, they learned they wouldn't be back -- ever. "The producer said, 'You promised,' and we said, 'We were so nervous, we're just boys, we've done it a thousand times, it just came out.' He looked at Morrison and said, 'Mr. Sullivan liked you boys. He wanted you on six more times. ... You'll never do the Sullivan show again.' "
To which Morrison retorted with glee, "We just did the Sullivan show."
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