It was just as well that the Flobots had to reschedule their performance at the Power and Light District last night, because I don't think I could've handled standing on my feet for a few hours. Laura Anne got up early, so naturally I followed suit half an hour later. And by early, I mean I got up at like 545am and started on a big day of paperwork at 630am. I am down to 13 Write Ups, but did survey today, adding 2 more (including one double). I worked for several hours, then we had to go run some errands to Wal Mart and Kinko's, then fixed 2 resurveys, and finally ended up at the worst addressed apartment complex I have ever seen in my 6 years. The entire complex had to be walked, every vestibule checked, with several building types and each vestibule with its own individual street address. To top it off, the unhelpful building manager called the cops on us, but it was easy to explain to them what we were doing and who we were with, so they left us alone.

I did get three packages in the mail yesterday (well, 4, but the 4th was a heavy box of work). I got my Lego Robot Command Center:

My JLed Orange Teeter:

and a replacement bronze Skllbud, courtesy of Jamungo, since the first one I bought had a broken leg...they also sent me 4 cool stickers as well, and you know how I like stickers:

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